The History & Origin

Of the

Mt. Hill Fellowship Community Church


The Mount Hill Missionary Baptist Church was organized on July 9, 1882 by Reverend H. E. Moseley, who was the first pastor. Mr. C. H. Camp had donated

two acres of land for the church site. At this time, there were only six members. Brothers B. J. Piper, Robert Staley, Prince Glover, Deacon R. Saddler,

and Sisters Martha Glover and Sally Staley. On the day the church was organized, Brother Prince Glover was ordained as a deacon.

After serving four years as pastor, Reverend Moseley was succeeded by Reverend M. J. Johnson, who served as pastor for five years.

The Reverend C. F. Holland, the third pastor, was called in 1891 and served seventeen years. During his administration, he licensed B. J. Piper and Milton Williams to preach. He later ordained Reverend Williams to the ministry. During this time, six deacons were ordained: Brothers C. Butler, Sr.,

L. W. Warren, Sr., John Robinson, W. M. Clay, Amos Robinson and John Frazier.


The Reverend J. H. Patterson succeeded Reverend Holland in 1908, serving 42 years until his death on March 7, 1950. During this time, he licensed

Brothers Hiram Rhinehart, R. W. Winn and Benjamin Turner to preach. Later, Reverends Rhinehart and Winn were ordained to the ministry. Sixteen deacons were ordained during Reverend Patterson's tenure: Brothers Rance Jordan, H. Rhinehart, L. W. Warren, W. H. Rhinehart, James Johnson, W. F. Hankinson,

Eugene Cullum, Jesse Atchison, and C. Butler, Jr. Following the death of Reverend Patterson, the Reverend David Scott was called to pastor in 1950.

He served for five years and ordained three deacons: Pickney Johnson, Milton Cullum, and Almus Allen.


The sixth pastor, Reverend G. C. Williams, became pastor in January, 1956. Reverend Williams served for sixteen years. During his tensure, seventy-five members were added to the congregation. The church was remodeled internally and externally – adding Sunday School rooms, a complete kitchen, rostrum furniture, a piano, and the purchase of carpet. The Junior Choir was also organized. For one year following Reverend Williams' service, the church was

without a pastor. During this time four deacons were ordained through the Storm Branch Association and Summer Grove Union.

They were: Brothers Henry Trotty, Willie Winfield, Jr., David Butler and Roger Moses, Jr.


Reverend J. T. Tate became the seventh pastor in December, 1973. During his administration nine deacons were ordained. Brothers Frank Trowell, Sr.,

Clinton Moses, Donald Butler, Robert Morgan, Eugene Cullum, Lee Trowell, Willie Trowell, Boisy Johnson and Calvin Butler. Fifty members by baptism, a communion set, a bus, a public address system, a new piano, letters for the church's name, appliances were replaced, the sanctuary was remodeled,

restrooms were added, and the pastor's study was obtained during Reverend Tate's tenure. The J. T. Tate Gospel Chorus was also organized.

Reverend John Brightharp served as Assistant Pastor during the latter years of Reverend Tate's pastorate.

Past secretaries of the church include: Robert Winn, John Robinson, R. D. Hartley, Clemon Powell, Earnest Rhinehart,

Amanda Vaughns, Alberta Scott and Barbara Thomas.

In 1990, Reverend Steve Berry was called to pastor. He served until December, 1992.

Approximately twelve persons were added to the congregation during this time.


Reverend Joseph S. Harrison, Jr., was called and accepted the role as leader in April, 1993. He brought with him many new ideas and a new “vision”

for the church. During the first two years of his call, our motto was “BUILDING A CHURCH AS WE BUILD A BUILDING.” Several ministries were put in

place, including: the Sunday School Ministry, the Evangelism Outreach Ministry, the Trustee Ministry, the Angelic Ministry, the Hostess Ministry,

the Hospitality Ministry, Prayer Warriors, the 12-Step Ministry, a tutorial program, the Feed-the-Hungry Campaign and reiterated other ministries already

in place. Brother Rudolph Hall was ordained as a deacon and two women were appointed deacons: Sis. Patricia Drayton and Sis. Jean Ryce-El.

Forty persons have been added to the congregation by Baptism, ten by rededication, several by letter, Christian Experience and Watch Care.


After pastoring for a year and a half, Reverend Harrison, in November, 1994, led the congregation in a ground breaking ceremony to begin the

construction of a new church. On July 9, 1995, the congregation marched from the old building to the newly constructed church. In December,

1995 the old church was completely destroyed by fire.


As Reverend Harrison went forth in his ministry, his vision was extended, and he challenged the congregation to catch the vision.

Our motto became “BUILDING A NEW CHURCH ON AN OLD FOUNDATION.” As the foundation was being laid for the “new church,” a new

relationship was formed with the Friendship Baptist Church in Gastonia, North Carolina. A donation was given to us by the

Friendship Baptist Church Family after reading about the burning of the old church. After many telephone conversations between the

pastor of Friendship, Reverend John A. McCullough, Jr. and Reverend Harrison, the relationship finally culminated on Sunday, July 13, 1997

for our 115th Church Anniversary. Reverend McCullough and the Friendship Baptist Church Family came to worship with us.

Their visit was reciprocated by our visiting their church in October, 1997.


After transitioning into the new church, and one year of training, five persons were ordained as deacons – four of them being women – which had

never been done in the area. They were: Bro. Willie Settles, Betty Riley, Linda Turner, Carol Butler and Jean Ryce-El.

Because of what the Mt. Hill Church Family represented, as well as to encompass the new “Vision Statement,” the church was renamed the

Mt. Hill Fellowship Community Church in 1998. We also adopted the motto “GETTING LIFE STRAIGHT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE” to encourage

change in the channel of our temporal self.


The beginning of 1999 continued to bring changes and improvements, not only in the exterior and interior of the church, but in the spiritual growth

of each member. Reverend Harrison taught us to focus on God first, then inner peace, growth, loving oneself and thy neighbor, and the willingness

to change which would transcend a richer, more powerful self. To encompass these attributes, our typical Sunday School was renamed

“The Enrichment Hour” which not only focuses on the Word of God but also wholistic ministry (which includes health, wealth, world events, etc.).


As Reverend Harrison led the congregation into the new millennium, and through his Bible-based teachings, our vision became:

“To build a biblical community of loving relationships

whose members daily and devoutly love,

follow and model CHRIST.

To exalt the Savior, to evangelize the Sinner,

and to educate the Saints.”


As we adopted this vision, we were strengthened in our fellowship, healthy relationships were formed and we knew that we were covered by

God's unconditional love no matter the circumstances we encountered. We discovered that we all have gifts and talents that are to be used for the

glorification of God – and not ourselves. We knew that this was a time of destiny for us and that each of us had a divine purpose here on earth.

Our excellence could be displayed as our vision unfolded before us.


In 2014, Reverend Sandra Brooks, became the Assistant Pastor under the direction of Reverend Harrison as he recovered from an illness.

Reverend Brooks served Mt. Hill in all capacities and provided teaching and leadership in his absence.

After realizing that Reverend Harrison would not be able to resume his duties as pastor, the search commenced for a new pastor.

In July of 2017, Reverend Harrison was named Pastor Emeritus.

In October of 2017, Mt. Hill selected Reverend Lorenzo R. Washington of Strawberry, SC, as the new pastor.

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